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Creative business presentation plan with Cincopa video and image hosting solutions

Business presentation is probably one of the most important computer documents that one can prepare. A well conducted business presentation is a guarantee of success in business and therefore in a large part of your everyday life. Should it be an internal presentation in your company or a business proposal to your key client, the very act of presenting should be flawless. To ensure that everything will go as planned a simple yet powerful business presentation solution should be applied. Here with a helping hand comes Cincopa.

One of the most common problems encountered during preparation of business presentation are technical obstacles. Common multimedia presentation tools offer myriad of options, yet never the one actually needed. Here at Cincopa we understand that you may be a specialist in your own branch but not a computer programmer, therefore we strive to make our solutions as simple and intuitive, as possible.

Business presentation gallery

As an example let us use our image hosting tool. First step after creating your Cincopa account should be choosing skin for your presentation. Over 40 options ensure that everyone will find something that will suit their preferences. Then your content should be uploaded and here Cincopa steps out with an automatic resize feature that will save your time, otherwise spent on manual resizing. After adding your content to the gallery, Cincopa will automatically generate a code for you to embed on your website. The code will be instantly updated whenever you will modify your business presentation.

Creating an effective presentation means that a wide array of sources will be used, including videos, presenting for example the fabrication and delivery of your product, an attractive shot of your company HQ, or a graphs display shown in an innovative way. The code of conduct is nearly the same as with the images. Upload your videos to Cincopa account, choose an appropriate template and let the wizard guide you through the simple process. Entrusting videos to Cincopa makes you sure that they will be seen only by chosen by you viewers. Moreover a wide choice of options lets you sort and present them in various ways. For example a new video timeline allows you to present your content in specific time frames and makes it possible to create a content label below the video screen. Please check it yourself.

Timeline Video Business Presentation Example

A main aim during your business presentation is to create a feeling in a consignee that you know what you are talking about and that you are a professional. Creative presentations are certainly one of the keys to success. Apart from the attractive features offered by Cincopa, we make sure that the content you prepare and store on our account is always ready for your use. Entrusting it to us makes you sure that you will be able to deliver your presentation even if the pendrive that you uploaded it on was left on your table. We also care for the fastest possible content delivery, therefore Cincopa offers a Content Delivery Network (CND) placed on servers around the world.

It is now up to you to choose your image and video provider and since we wish you the best, we offer Cincopa at your disposal.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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