The Best Way for Church Websites to be Heard

A church website design should be welcoming and respectable, user-friendly and clear, but most importantly, it should enable the church to deliver its message, worldview and activity in the best way possible.

A church website is pretty simple and straightforward; it does not require advanced options, commercial features and complicated applications. There is a huge range of premium and Free Church WordPress themes and other pre-designed church website templates that may suit your needs, perfectly. However, images and videos are the features you better add to the WordPress theme in order to engage your online audience. Media players are the best tool for reaching and bonding with your visitors and for creating a desirable ambience on page.

Church photo slideshow demo

The Benefits of Having a Video Player for a Church Site

Churches are all about nurturing, educating and supporting their communities, whether online or in the physical world. Providing your believers and random seekers with worthy audio and visual content makes it easy for them to relate and understand. It gives you a stage, where you can share relevant information and opinions.

The modern technology allows a very wide exposure; enlightening and interesting as it may be, not everybody can make it to the Sunday ceremony or speech or to the live lectures, concerts and events. However, everybody can enjoy it via the internet.

Audios and videos are perceived as friendlier than written text; therefore, make people stay longer on the webpage, listen to what you have to say, learn about the church facilities, services and activities, and even share it with friends. Additionally, media players and photo galleries enhance the site SEO; create diversity and make the page look attractive and appealing.

Church photo gallery demo

Add Image Gallery, Slideshow and Media Player to your Church Website

Cincopa offers plenty of audio and video players in different styles and sizes including responsive ones. You can customize the skin you have selected as you please, decide if you wish to display a playlist and upload any number of files. The gallery skins are free to use, and they may be inserted in any HTML webpage or CMS site.

Since the galleries are hosted by Cincopa, you do not have to limit your presentations your server quota, and certainly not to a single website. You can promote your videos through numerous social channels and mail systems via a click of a button. Cincopa takes care of all the technical work such as conversions and photo resize; the files are fully secured, and any user around the world can enjoy the same high-quality, fast and smooth performance.

video player demo of a church

Sometimes the Easy Way is the Right Way

Let's say you have a WordPress theme for churches and a lot of events videos, lectures and other valuable content you would like to display. However, the church template does not include efficient, modern and elegant photo gallery and media players, if any at all.

There is no point in investing precious time and money in building special widgets, purchase a new theme or give up the whole presentation idea. You can create and install advanced video player and photo slider in a few minutes.

This is what you have to do; open a free Cincopa account, choose a gallery skin and set your options, upload any number of photos, videos and audios and embed the generated code anywhere you want.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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