Amaze the World with your GoPro player

GoPro cameras and accessories enable users to capture the most beautiful or horrifying, spontaneous and overwhelming moments of their lives. Unforgettable moments recorded on camera are screaming to be shared whether with the general public or just with family and close friends.

Cincopa has developed the ideal GoPro player, which will not only display your precious GoPro videos in the best possible way, but will also provide you with a complete and simple management toolset and advanced video hosting services.

Create GoPro Player

Cincopa offers a wide range of video player skins, which all can be used to create a GoPro player. There are video sliders and video players with playlists; some players include social media icons, while others include additional functional and marketing features such as Auto-play or video branding.

All you have to do is open an account, upload any number of GoPro videos and photos and choose the video player you like. Then, you may customize the video player skin according to your personal preferences. You can control most aspects involving your content including the widget's appearance, security settings, performance and embedding methods.

Stream your Digital Media

It does not matter how impressive your videos and photos are if you do not show them to other people. Then again, it does not matter if you do publish them, but settle for low-quality performance, loaded with latency problems and poor viewing experience. Your content deserves a crystal clear, fast and friendly display, which you can rely upon for all your viewers around the world.

Cincopa's reliable CDN system allows you to sit back and relax knowing your content is secure, and your audience gets to live through your experience, vividly and with no interruptions. The content delivery network provides you with video hosting services, the latest video streaming technologies, complete mobile support, automated encoding system and many other features.

The type and extent of exposure are set solely by you. Cincopa offers hundreds of embedding options including HTML-based sites, social networks, mailing systems and all common CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, BuddyPress, Ning and Blogger. You may keep your privacy by sending your GoPro player to certain people through mail. Alternatively, you can share the GoPro player with all your Facebook friends, Twitter followers etc., display it on your site or blog, let other domains publish it, and even use it as a promotional tool on your e-bay store.

Set your GoPro Media Free

GoPro cameras have a remarkable competency of documenting reality's best episodes from a participant rather than a viewer point of view. Cincopa, on the other hand, can make those videos available to others, wherever they are and whatever device they use. Combine them both to create a stunning, versatile GoPro display.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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