Why Your Own Music Website Is the Best Alternative to SoundCloud

Whether you are a popular musician with thousands of fans or just a beginner, you should be aware of the challenges you can deal with while distributing your artwork on the Internet. The online music market is huge and a lot depends on yourself – how much time and effort you invest in promotion and how effective your strategy is. Some artists remain invisible forever among the large fish while others succeed to gain vast popularity.

SoundCloud is known as YouTube for music, but, like every large platform, it has its own cons and pros. In fact, the same can be said about various SoundCloud alternatives. So, if you want to take full control over the content you publish, avoid distracting your listeners with related music, take advantage of borderless audio player customization, and create a unique design, you should consider having your own music website as the best SoundCloud alternative. Of course, you needn’t give up on distributing your music to SoundCloud and similar audio hosting platforms, but without a website, you won’t have a single place to accumulate all traffic from numerous resources that your fans will keep in mind. And you don’t want to lose any portion of your audience, right?

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Cincopa provides a simple yet powerful solution for music artists allowing to turn your website into a music portal. You can publish unlimited audios, create your unique media player design, and utilize advanced marketing features.

Here are the main advantages of a custom audio-rich website for musicians:

More control

Relying on SoundCloud is a bad idea because you’ll never have enough control over your tracks. It’s a third-party platform with its own terms of service, which are frequently revised. They can easily delete your music if they think you don’t follow their rules. As a music publisher, you have very little capability of managing your audio presence, playback, and appearance. So, it’s much better to go ahead with your own music website. You need to be able to manage all aspects of your online music collections and not be at the mercy of anyone else. If it’s a custom website, you can publish whatever you want, design the audio player’s appearance to your taste, mix audios with other media types, add various marketing tools like calls-to-action and lead generator, branding, watermarks, and so much more.

Your audience stays with you

The number of competitors using SoundCloud for music hosting is off the scale, which increases the odds of distracting and losing your listeners when they are offered related tracks. This can never happen on your own music website. Besides, you’ll be able to monetize content on your website with ads or sell music directly to your fans and make extra money.

Fully custom design

When you publish music online visual appearance matters too. With Cincopa, you can feel free to design your fully unique audio player, arrange music into playlists, publish video clips, customize buttons, arrows, and all types of player controls. Be as creative as possible, choose eye-catching colors and backgrounds your audience will adore. For more advanced experience, take advantage of professional podcast hosting to handle your audio content and embed it to your website in the most attractive way.

Multilevel protection

Your website is a hub for your artwork and high-level protection is a must-have these days. Using Cincopa’s multimedia protection tools, you can easily secure content on your music website and turn it into your marketing advantage. Depending on your specific desires and goals, it’s possible to set up different protection levels for various types of content. For example, you can block downloads and access to media player source codes with right-click protection. On the other hand, you might want to make some audios, images, or video clips available for download. It’s easy to do by showing a handy “Download” button below the content. You may also limit plays by certain locations or IPs. Another great tool for creating a premium content zone on your website is password protected, which lets you unlock access to your music to selected users. It’s always up to you to decide which content should be public or private, but with Cincopa you’re able to unite different options on the same website!

Hands-off SEO

Publishing videos or audios aren’t enough to become first in Google search. You should make your music work for pushing your website forward in online search, thus attracting more and more listeners. It isn’t difficult with smart media embed codes based on JSON-LD technology. JSON-LD does all SEO work for you when added to your website. The great news is that you don’t have to be a tech geek to use it – all SEO data is included into embed code that you copy from Cincopa and paste to your website. When search engines scan your web pages, they index embedded audios, videos, and images along with metadata like titles, descriptions, tags, and captions. In the complex, all this gives your website higher authority and increases the odds of discovering your content from online search by certain keywords.

Music Syndication

Music syndication allows artists to maximize outreach by placing audio or video players directly on partners’ websites, distributing media content via feeds and streaming devices. Media hosting platform like Cincopa helps you to build great looking players for music, podcasts, and video clips, which can be easily embedded and shared to whichever source where your content can be discovered by more potential fans.

Having your own website is a journey which can be compared to being an artist. But it can be as exciting and fun with the help of advanced tools and techniques helping you to make the most out of your web presence and gain maximum publicity for your music!

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Originally published on August 26th, 2017, updated on April 25th, 2019
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Why Your Own Music Website Is the Best Alternative to SoundCloud

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