Cincopa General Frequently Asked Questions

Our free trial period is 30 days long. During that time you will have access to all of our premium features, a generous amount of monthly traffic and permission to upload large amount of files, as we want to ensure you can really experience Cincopa.

Following the 30 days, in case you decide not to upgrade to a premium account,

You will be automatically downgraded to a free account (free forever) and lose access to some of our premium features, your monthly traffic limit will be reduced and your allowed file upload count (video, audio and images) will be limited.

To see the exact numbers and compere between the free and premium Cincopa plans. Go to our Pricing page and see our complete plan comparison table.


Cincopa complete plans comparison

It’s very easy to host and manage your videos, images and audios with Cincopa. Just click here, choose the skin for your videos,images and audios, follow the simple instructions in 4 easy steps. No credit card is needed. Just sign in using your email address and enjoy our free trial.

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