Video Platform for News Portal

Video content plays a major role in contemporary news portals. People prefer to watch TV-style news reports and video articles rather than reading prosy text. Moreover, they want to be able to browse through various new reports without waiting for each to upload, or worse, having to suffer buffering and stuttering issues during the video.

Why using Cincopa Video Platform for News Portals

Many dozens of filmed articles are published every day; therefore, a news portal must create, display and manage huge amount of video players and galleries, simultaneously. Handling bulk video content, successfully, is a major challenge since it involves hosting and delivering massive files to numerous users spread around the world. In addition, administrators have to create the galleries, embed the videos, and modify the content on a regular basis. News portals focus on engaging, up-to-date news. They are not video specialists nor programming experts. Hence, in order to make sure the video displays provide excellent user experience, yet, require minimal investment of time and money, a news portal should use a reliable, high quality video platform. A professional video platform for news portal offers a complete toolset that includes the products and services required for building and maintaining a high-end online video portal.

  1. CDN – Cincopa uses one of the best content delivery networks available. It provides unlimited storage space and bandwidth, as well as advanced streaming technology to assure the end-users enjoy high availability and superb performance with no latency problems, no matter where they are located and which device they use.
  2. Branding – the ability to add watermark logo that may be linked to the portal's URL is extremely important, especially for news portals that wish to promote their videos through social networks or newsletters.
  3. Security system – engaging videos are valuable digital media assets. Cincopa not only guarantees for your files protection but also allows you to determine your own security settings. You can enable users to download and save your files or authorize specific domains using your video galleries.
  4. Cost reduction – Cincopa offers free and various other affordable plans that include the video widget and the hosting and distribution services. The CDN system reduces the required bandwidth; therefore, cuts down the expenses. Moreover, once your rich media widgets are handled externally, the news portal servers are left with the textual content only, which means, you can save the extra cost of full CDN services for the entire site.
  5. SEO – news portals strive to bring as much traffic as possible. Search engine optimization is a crucial factor for obtaining a comprehensive exposure. Cincopa video platform enables adding essential metadata to the news portal's videos including both gallery and individual items titles and descriptions.
  6. Video player skins – Cincopa provides a wide selection of responsive and highly customizable video players' skins with lots of unique features. The video galleries can be created within a few minutes.
  7. No programming skills – the video platform support all major video formats and automatically performs needed conversions and transcoding.
  8. Embedding video content – You can embed Cincopa video players, practically, anywhere you want. Moreover, you may use the same gallery on multiple web locations. First, click on the desirable method icon, whether it is HTML, one of the popular CMS such as WordPress and Joomla, or any social channel or mailing system. Then, copy the generated code and paste it wherever you want in your page.
  9. Easy and fast management – a simple wizard helps you to create and manage your galleries quickly and easily. You can access your galleries from any device whenever you want in order to change skins, add or remove videos and edit your setting options.
  10. Analytic reports – Cincopa provides automatic reports and backups. You may also connect the video galleries to your Google Analytics account to follow and improve your user engagement.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.