What Is Business Podcasting and Why Should You Care

Podcasts are the new craze in the business world. They have started taking over every facet of the business industry, more and more each day. It’s one of the most beneficial ways to spread information, gain a following, amassing profits and accomplish all kinds of different goals. Having a business podcast will add diversity to your content palette and allow you to forge an identity through multiple perspectives, entry points, and means of communication. Podcasts allow you to construct a well-rounded business identity.

Podcast Radio Show Abstract

The world’s population went into a frenzy when it comes to podcasts in recent years. This is because it’s a unique form of communication that is both effective and available to everyone. With a simple microphone and a hosting account, you can theoretically reach anyone who has the internet access to view your content. However, what was once an amateur facet of media became a powerful business tool. How did that happen?

Because podcast hosting is so readily available to anyone with the will to create content, more and more companies are viewing it as a low-cost means of affecting their audience. Sure, you may have a plethora of video content at your disposal, but podcasts are an ingredient your concoction of entrepreneurship shouldn’t be missing. Let’s take a look at how business podcasting might be an elevator to the success you deserve.

What makes people listen?

Before we dig into the proverbial melting pot of all possible trends and benefits of podcast hosting for your business, we must get to know the human mind beforehand. Like readers, subscribers and fans, listeners are a base of customers and followers who you have to cater to. There are two goals when forging a podcast-listening body – retention of your core customers and attracting new ones. It’s quite simple, the core will keep your business running, while new listeners will refresh your whole body of work.

Your core of regular listeners needs a constant motive and reason to tune in, while new ones need an enticing trigger that will cause them to click on the play button on the audio player for your website. Here are some reasons why people stick with a podcast:

  • The host has a way with words and elaborates on something they have known excitingly. Or he merely delineates something unknown, yet complicated, but in a simple way.
  • The podcast itself is useful – by elucidating new or existing information, the listener’s knowledge grows, and he becomes a more productive person in an intellectual sense.
  • It is entertaining – the listener experiences emotions while paying attention to what is going on. The educational and entertaining factors best work in sync, especially for business podcasts. Entertainment without substance is a hollow shell, but an educational wave of content without a corresponding outer layer is bland.

Because of one or more of these reasons, people will listen to your verbal illustrations, and they will get what they’re yearning for. To present the content to them accordingly, it is your devoir to cajole the listeners, with the use of current active trends that rule the world of podcasting. Let’s glance at some of them and why are they so important to us.

Guest podcasting – building valuable connections

You’ve already experienced and witnessed the power of guest blogging. It creates valuable relationships and shows your visitors and customers that you are indeed connected to your line of work. Guest podcasting follows the same principle but provides a much more extensive array of options. In 2018, that array is more important than ever. Having guests on your business podcast or making an appearance on other like-minded podcast series is checkmate in a rat race against the competition.

Podcasts are fantastic because they are spontaneous and made on the spot. When having a guest on your podcast, your listeners will get a breath of fresh air. Another person will provide a differing perspective. He could also dissect your services, products or offer additional advice on specific subjects. This trend will stretch far beyond 2018, but it’s best to implement it ASAP.

guest podcasting

Shorter podcasts – a possible increase in frequency

The usual trend ever since the inception of podcasts as always revolved around weekly, longer episodes. However, with listeners becoming less and less patient as we step further into the second decade of the 3rd millennium, we need to cut down the length of the podcasts and make them more frequent. It’s the magical formula that you can build your whole business strategy around.

Whether it is about regular updates or business marketing, your listeners will react to one thing in particular – new content. If you do a 5-minute podcast on a daily basis, people will be eager to listen to it because it always comes in new episodes, on a regular basis. Plus, a length of 5 minutes is a seamlessly short period – people can listen to the episode when they wake up or when they’re walking their dog. Short episodes don’t require attention and aren’t disruptive, which does wonders for your ROI as well.

Mixing and combining

Podcast educating customers

Even though podcasts are more and more popular, they will never be the primary source of content. They require time and will bore people if it’s the only content available. 2018 dictates a trend of mixing podcasts with other types of content and combining them into your business routine.

Also, more and more companies are oriented towards making podcasts minority content. Mixing them with regular image and text posts allows them to stand out and seem more enticing. “Less is more” has always been a viable motto to follow, but 2018 has taken it to a whole another level.

Boosting your advertising and sales – the magic of business podcasting

The first and most important benefit of your business podcasting system is an added opportunity for advertising and sales. Without obvious product placement and blasting images, you can advertise much more efficiently. By merely mentioning your new product as a piece of news during an episode, you plant a bug into the minds of your customers.

Another facet of this advertising benefit is money saving. No more will you need to print out flyers and spend lots of time analyzing your Google AdWords performance. With business podcasts, you can mix an ad with your regular content. Keeping it on the low will look like you’re satisfied with the product and not just promoting a product from a company that sponsors you – which brings us to the next benefit…

Sponsorships – a benefit that reaps both valuable connections and revenue


One other reason why people have turned to podcasting in recent time is the increased opportunity for establishing sponsorships. You’ve probably seen many eminent YouTubers losing fans because of blatant product placement or annoying ads.

Podcasts allow you to gain additional revenue and respect, without losing fans. You can sign a contract to make two 30-second mentions of a product, two times per week. This gives you the opportunity to ease the product into the conversations and make the episode flow usually.

SEO and branding retention

While some may deem this pairing an unlikely one, it’s a recipe for the reinvigoration of a brand. Adding business podcasting to the mix will be pleasantly received by search engines. Your SEO ranking will skyrocket because of one important criterium – the diversity of content. If your videos, images and textual posts get boosted by business podcasts – you will find yourself high up in the rankings.

Now, when you’re high up in the Google stratosphere, it’s essential to get a steady influx of organic visitors. This is accomplished by podcasts as well. You will be the voice of your brand and people will connect that tone, those phrases and those verbal habits to your brand. It will give your brand a multifaceted branding presence – something that sees podcasts as the missing piece of the puzzle.

So – is it worth it?

The answer is absolute. Business podcasts are a pay-low/sell-high strategy that requires minimal effort. Podcasts take a surprisingly small amount of time to be created but can create astonishing splashes all around the industry.

They are an excellent choice if you are stuck in a rut and want to improve your sales, your SEO ranking and amass sponsorships in the process. Of course, finding the ideal format is a journey. Not a treacherous one, but a journey that will enrich you in all the possible ways.


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Originally published on April 23rd, 2018, updated on April 25th, 2019
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What Is Business Podcasting and Why Should You Care

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