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Do you wish to thrill your users with stunning presentations on your Drupal site?

Are you concerned about the skills and effort required for this kind of project?
Well, you are going to be amazed how fast and simple it really is. You need no programming skills or preceding Drupal knowledge. Just open a free Cincopa account, follow the 3-steps procedure, and enjoy your pages remarkable transformation.

How it works Learn More

1Choose one of our awesome templates

2Upload your media to Cincopa

3Embed code

Get a simple code and embed on your website (you will need to download a module)


Select the media skin

Cincopa offers 44 skins in different styles such as Cooliris 3D, Flash, Lightbox etc. Each skin has customizable attributes such as size, colors, shuffle, auto-play and so forth. Set your options and preview as many skins as you want, before making your decision.


Upload multiple files

Upload the media files you wish to display to your Cincopa "cloud" drive and arrange them in your folders. Cincopa is responsible for performing automatic conversions, transcoding and resizing of your media, to fit any device. Any changes you make, later on, in your Cincopa galleries will be instantly updated on your web galleries.


Embed the code generated by Cincopa into your page

Cincopa will provide you with the appropriate input filter; copy the code and paste it anywhere in your site. Make sure to download first the Cincopa Drupal module .

How to Embed The Cincopa Features on a Drupal Site?

In order to embed the media presentation, you have created through Cincopa media platform, into your Drupal site; you must first download the Cincopa Drupal module from the Cincopa page on Drupal website at:

For detailed instruction regarding the Cincopa Drupal module installation, please view the How to Install the Drupal Module guide

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform