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Sites' owners, who wish to establish their status, must adapt themselves to the internet competitive world. One of the most popular and effective ways to promote your webpages is by embedding smashing presentations that will capture your viewers and strengthen your position within the search engines.

The Cincopa Joomla extension enables you to create stylish presentations for your Joomla site. You may use image, video and audio files or a combination of all three. Use the Cincopa simple wizard to customize your options and upload your galleries and slideshows wherever you want on any Joomla based page.

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1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website (you will need to download a module)

Select your favored skin

Cincopa provides you with more than 4o different skins for galleries, slideshows, video players, music players and podcast. The skins are offered in varied shapes, sizes and styles like Cooliris 3D, Flash and Lightbox. You may customize your options and preview on a different page. Repeat this procedure with as many skins as you like, before deciding.


Upload multiple media files

Upload your media files from your personal computer or from video sites such as YouTube, and then organize them your folders. Conversions, transcoding and resizing your media, is done automatically by Cincopa application. Future modifications done by you within Cincopa galleries are immediately updated on your web galleries.


Embed the code generated by Cincopa into your page

Cincopa generates a simple code, which you need to embed exactly where you want your media to be displayed at your webpages. Remember to download the Cincopa Joomla extension, first.

How to Embed Cincopa Multimedia Features on a Joomla Webpage?

The Download the Cincopa Joomla extension, before attempting to embed the media presentation, you have created. The extension is available for download at the Cincopa pageon Joomla official site.

Need assistant with the installation process?
Check out the helpful Cincopa Joomla 1.5 x Module Installation Guide

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform