Create your own Google Maps Gallery

There are various photo gallery skins in different sizes and styles that can be highly beneficial for your website or blog in terms of user engagement, attractive appearance and professional performance. However, if the locations, in which the photos have been taken, are significant there is no reason you should not provide your users with a mapped version of your gallery. Cincopa has come up with a new embedment option that enables you to display your gallery on a map layout.

Many usinesses, such as real-estate, tourist agencies and franchised companies, as well as bloggers and personal websites, are now able to improve their user-experience and comprehension by recruiting Google Maps added value for their photo galleries. A map format allows viewers to track the specific location of the photos via friendly icons and visual annotation.

The easy way to put your gallery on the map

Cincopa supports GPS tagging and KML format, required for displaying galleries on a map such as Google Maps. The advanced application will automatically convert your files to the needed KML (Keyhole markup Language) format, as well as, resize the photos to the appropriate dimensions.

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How to create a mapped photo gallery

The only difference between a Google Map gallery and any other photo gallery, as far as the gallery owner concerns, is the GPS tagging requisite. In other words, you should provide photos that have GPS data, which means, you should use a mobile camera or other advanced digital camera that includes a GPS feature.

Thus, first you must follow the basic procedure of creating a photo gallery; choose a skin you like, upload photos and set your customization options. Once your gallery is ready for distribution, you will be asked to select an embedment method. You may embed the same gallery in multiple websites and social channels including Google Maps.

Click on the Google Maps icon shown on the list. A Google Maps window will appear, displaying a map with notations to mark the photos' locations. In order to view the photos with their titles and descriptions, the viewer must click the location icon or, click on one of the photos, listed on the left side of the map.

The Google Maps photo gallery offers two methods of distribution; you can either copy a generated URL in order to use it as a link on your site or send it by mail, or you can copy the simple HTML code and paste it wherever you want to display the gallery on your website.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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