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Cincopa Video Glossary

There are several terms that are being used in Cincopa that might not be very clear to users who are getting started.

What is an API, Embed, Bitrate, and so on?  Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered for you guys.

This document contains a glossary of different terms used in Cincopa that might be confusing for some.  Let’s get started:


Admin is a user access permissions level in Cincopa. The admin access level has the same rights as an owner in relation to the editing and managing a Cincopa account, including permission to add new users to the team or invite new clients.

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The goal of analytics is to improve your business by gaining knowledge that can be used to make improvements or changes. In Cincopa, the analytics options show you the statistics of each user interaction with your media content.

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An annotation is extra information associated with a particular point in a document or other piece of information. It can be a note that includes a comment or explanation. In Cincopa, you can use annotation to add during-play text annotations, clickable links, and HTML forms.

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Anonymize IP stops Cincopa from gathering the user’s IP address. Enabling this will anonymize the IP addresses for all your video viewers. We’ll still record video analytics and detailed heatmaps, we just won’t record the full IP address for each viewer.

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API stands for application programming interface which helps to create a secure communication between a client and a server, API’s are intended to simplify the building of client-side software. Cincopa provides API’s to its users so they can use Cincopa’s media content in their application as per their requirements.

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Cincopa’s API tokens are used to secure and validate your connection to the API endpoint. This means that before you use any of Cincopa’s API’s you will have to validate that you are an authorized Cincopa user and hence an API Token is required.

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Aspect Ratio generally means the ratio of width to height. In Cincopa it means the ratio of width to height for the specified media content.


Assets are the name of media items in Cincopa that have been uploaded to your account. Assets can include Image, Video, Audio, and other files.

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Bitrate, as the name implies, describes the rate at which bits are transferred from one location to another. In other words, it measures how much data is transmitted in a given amount of time. Bitrate is commonly measured in bits per second (bps), kilobits per second (Kbps), or megabits per second (Mbps).



Call To Action is an option that allows a user to take a specified action. An example of CTA would be a ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ button. In Cincopa, Video CTA is used to specify a text or sentence that appears in a video, and when clicked on you will be redirected to a specific URL.

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In Cincopa, Chapters are parts of a video that have been divided into multiple sections so that users can quickly navigate to the content they are interested in. Chapters are helpful in dividing your long videos into multiple short sections with Titles.

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A WebHook is an HTTP callback and an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens. These callbacks may be maintained, modified, and managed by third-party users and developers who may not necessarily be affiliated with the originating website or application.

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Cincopa allows Captions/Closed Captions to be displayed in the user’s videos that they upload to their Cincopa account. Captions/Closed Captions are text-based alternatives to a spoken dialogue or sound effects that appear on screen in real-time as the video plays.

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CSS also stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This is a web design styling language used to customize the look and feel of a website. In other words, you can style your webpage using CSS. The term CSS is often used in Cincopa where users can add their own styling to an element.

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This is a security option within Cincopa which allows the gallery to appear only in the domains on this list. This will prevent others from adding your gallery URL to their site. You can enter a list of domains separated by comma or leave empty to allow all domains.

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An editor is a user access permissions level in Cincopa. The Editor access level has only edit rights and does not have the ability to add new users or invite new clients.

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Embed/Embedding in Cincopa means using computer code to place a Cincopa Gallery or an asset on a Web site or blog. When media content is “embedded” on a Web page, the user can watch the video or listen to the song without leaving the page.



Video engagement is considered the primary factor that determines how much information viewers will retain from videos they watch. It goes without saying, that the higher the video engagement, the higher the effectiveness of the video.

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An Extra File is an option within Cincopa’s asset library where you can store and access files associated with an asset.

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Filter IP Numbers is an option within Cincopa where you can enter a comma-separated list of IP addresses to exclude from your Video Analytics. This can be especially helpful to prevent data from being created during testing. Valid values are singular IP addresses or IP ranges (ie –

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FPS stands for frames per second. In Cincopa, FPS is a measurement for how many different images a Video has in a second. Higher FPS will result in better video quality.



Cincopa Galleries (also known as the video player) is a player through which you can display one or more videos or media items using a variety of templates. Cincopa Galleries are a convenient way to display multiple videos and share them with others. They also make it easier to embed a gallery on your website.

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GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area. Cincopa supports the privacy rights of its customers and their users and is currently GDPR-compliant.

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A video heatmap is a graphical representation of data with values shown in color. A heatmap provides a summary of information by synthesizing data and presenting it in visual form. Heatmaps provide a practical way to differentiate between viewers who are interested and those who are not.

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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. The term HTML is often used in Cincopa where users are able to add their own HTML code.



The HTTP POST method is used in web programming to send data to a server. In Cincopa, developers can use the HTTP POST method to send data using an API.



An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source, such as an advertisement, into a Web page.

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An impression in website terminology is one view by one visitor. The more the impressions, the better the chances of conversion. In terms of Cincopa, it means a view of your media content.



In the Integration section, you have the option integrate your Cincopa account with many web applications, programs, and tools. You will be able to integrate with the following categories: Email Provider, Marketing Automation, API Integration, Social Media, Zoom, etc.

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JSON-LD is a method of encoding Linked Data using JSON. This allows data to be serialized in a way that is similar to traditional JSON. Cincopa uses JSON-LD – a new, super SEO-friendly embed code standard to add SEO to the videos.



In Cincopa, when you create an API Token, the generated API Token is also known as a key. This key will be used to validate your API connections.

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Cincopa’s Lead Generator is a powerful marketing tool that attaches lead generation forms to your videos. This will help you collect the contact information from viewers who tune in to your media content.

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Live Streaming refers to the streaming of media content by simultaneously recording and broadcasting the media content in real-time. Cincopa’s live video streaming platform lets you deliver videos to viewers worldwide from a single managing dashboard.

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The metadata information contains descriptions and details about the data itself. Metadata is important to improve your webpage’s SEO. Search Engines use metadata and a combination of other factors to improve SEO.

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MPAPI is a simple set of Cincopa APIs that offers access to your Cincopa galleries using REST, feeds (RSS and JSON) requests, and simple HTTP POST.

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A newsletter is a report that contains news of businesses or organizations which is sent by email on a regular basis to its employees, members or customers who have signed up as recipients.



Permissions in Cincopa are set levels of access. We have 3 levels, Admin, Editor and Viewer. A users permission level determines which areas of the account they have access to and the actions they may perform in relation to asset editing and account management.

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A video’s play rate is defined as the number of people who have clicked on your video and watched it. The most common way to calculate it, is to divide the number of views the video has received by the number of people who have accessed the video’s page.

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Pre-roll video ads and post-roll video ads is a powerful solution for visual content branding and cross-promotion. A pre-roll ad starts playing immediately after a user clicks on the play button in the video player. A post-roll ad is shown after the video. During the ad playback, video player controls are hidden and users have to watch the entire ad before controls become active.

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REST stands for Representational State Transfer which is a software architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating Web services. Cincopa’s REST-like API allows you to handle any manipulations with your multimedia content.



RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication is a system where information from all registered websites is gathered and shared among its users.  Cincopa allows you to publish your Cincopa galleries as a feed so that your visitors can use the feed to integrate into their website.

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Sharepage is a brandable space to showcase and share videos, channels, media items, or a gallery with your audience as a fully-hosted page. This page can be share with your audience as an unlisted Sharelink.

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Storage is the amount of space that your account has allocated to it on the Cincopa servers. The storage includes the size of your uploaded files. Please notice that the system automatically saves different versions of your file, for example: hi-resolution, mobile and video files with different qualities and for different devices.

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Subscribe/Subscription is an option offered by companies or service providers which allow its customers to access their product or services. Cincopa has a subscription-based model.

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When your account is in a suspended state you will not be able to use the Cincopa platform until its permission level is changed.

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In Cincopa, the tag is a keyword or term assigned to a video or a gallery in order to help organize your media. Additionally, it allows items to be located by browsing or by searching for the tag. This feature makes it easy to manage large media portfolios.

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A template is an option within the Cincopa platform which has a predefined design for your Cincopa gallery. Cincopa offers over 100 template types in a variety of different styles. The multimedia presentations are highly customizable, allowing you full control over your media.

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Traffic is the bandwidth that is used while your media is being watched. You can think of bandwidth as lanes on a highway. The more people that watch your media (cars) the more bandwidth (lanes) you will take up.

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Video Transcoding also is known as Video Encoding is the process of converting a video from one video format to another. For example: Converting from .wmv file type to .mp4 file type. Since Cincopa supports all types of videos, video transcoding is usually done so that the transcoded video meets a particular device requirement and plays smoothly on that device.

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VAST is a video ad serving template that allows:

  • specifying which ad to show up
  • where viewers can see it
  • how long it should last
  • when it can be skipped

There can be several variants on how to place a VAST ad in your video player.

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Video Portal is an area within Cincopa which allows users to create their own video channel. You can display your videos and also set up a subdomain (Ex. yourname.cincopa.com) to share it with others.

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You can add a watermark logo to your image, slideshow, or even video galleries. A watermark is your first line of defense when it comes to the unauthorized use of your galleries by someone who discovers it on the web. It also offers a great way to market your organization: the more times a viewer comes across your logo, the greater the chance it will positively reflect on the consumer and build your brand.

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The viewer is a user access permissions level in Cincopa. A user with Viewer access can only view content.

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A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks. Using our Webhooks we opened up a whole new world of actionable real-time events.



XML Shareable Playlist Format is an XML-based playlist format for digital media. XSPF is a file format for sharing the kind of playlist that can be played on a personal computer or portable device.

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